Search Engine Optimization (SEO)


Staying visible online

While marketers may still be focused on how their home pages look, the fact is most of their site visitors simply won’t see them. People use search to cut out the middleman and go right to the pages they want. That’s why being visible requires a comprehensive search engine optimization strategy—including local and mobile. Here’s how we drive SEO growth for our clients:
1. By understanding opportunity through a full 360 SEO analysis and strategy
2. By planning a short and long term step-by-step growth program
3. By creating a scalable program that crosses multiple business groups or markets

Building for Search from the ground up

We build sites for visibility from the beginning. We don’t have to sacrifice great design, natural-sounding copy and rich media content to get higher rankings. In fact, our SEO specialists and information architects have created programming frameworks designed to optimize sites that use technologies such as AJAX, Flash/Flex and Silverlight.

Speaking your customers’ language

To find the best keywords for your brand, we have to understand how your customers talk and search. To do that, we use tools like linguistic profiling, experiential mapping, competitive search assessments and keyword score-carding. Then, we use proprietary tools and technology to measure success, ensure implementation and maintain keyword relevancy.

A connected approach

The best digital marketing strategies are the most connected. That’s why we merge SEO services with SEM, social media management and other digital marketing activities to help your audience find you wherever you are.

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